SEO in West Palm Beach Florida

Custom Software Solutions West Palm BeachBefore producing your content, have you thought about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Here’s a guide of the main points you should keep an eye on for each of your content.


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On-page SEO


1 – Content


To make your website available to the search engine, its content must be related to the user’s query. The words used by the user must be found in the content of the site. For search engines, this is a sign that the content has a good chance of providing the information that the user is looking for.


To optimize your content in this sense, it is better to know the keywords used by the user you want to attract. Do a keyword search to identify them. Use tools such as Google Keywords Planner or Google Adwords.


2 – The technique


A major factor for the engines is the quality of the HTML code. The HTML code has to conform to the current standards. This is the language spoken by the engines, and if they can’t read your site, they will leave it out.


Images must be quick to upload, and include a description of their content with the Alt attribute. Download speed is also a point of optimization. It depends on the performance of the server, but also on possible caches. The cache is a record of the static data of the site, directly in the user’s computer for browser caches. These data are not read back by the engine at each request. It saves time on the display, thus making navigation more fluid. The caches are managed from the HTML coding, by tags to be placed in the <head> section of the page.


3 – User experience


Everything that promotes good navigation for the user is a positive point for SEO:

  • A responsive site that can be consulted from different media
  • Loading speed
  • Clear navigation
  • A site map
  • Securing the site


Off-page SEO


1 – Trust


Is your site trustworthy? Google references according to the trust that can be placed on a site. It is formalized by an index, the TrustRank. From 0 to 10, it is calculated from many technical and human factors:

  • Authority
  • Bounce rate
  • Renewal
  • Audience
  • Number of pages


2 – Links


A search engine like Google also takes into account the quality and number of incoming links to a site. An anchor text is a clickable text that points to the URL of another page. It should be clear, concise, and relevant. It should also include a keyword on which the site should position itself.


3 – Social Signals


It is always beneficial for the natural referencing of a site to make people talk about themselves. And more specifically through networks. Invite sharing, promote your content with easy-to-share formats. Social signals are an opportunity to generate the largest number of incoming links to your site.


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