What is “Google My Business”?

Google My Business

Google My Business, or GMB, is a free tool available to all businesses through Google. Having a GMB not only allows your business to show up on the Google Map Listing, but also provides relevant, needed information to all potential clients. Getting your business GMB is quick and easy. You simply go to the Google My Business website, answer the questions listed, and ask to be mailed a postcard. Once your location is verified, if someone searches your business by name, your location, reviews, and map listing will all be immediately available to the client. Along with any other relevant information you chose to include while setting up your GMB page. Many businesses link their website to the GMB, allowing customers to have easy access to their business.

Google My Business Management

Many businesses are not using the GMB to its full potential. Simply having the GMB listing will increase visibility, but it is necessary to make sure any and all information you give to Google is current, relevant, and visually stimulating. For example, if a potential customer searches for your business and clicks on an attached website only to find it outdated or visually unappealing, this may turn them off to your company. It is also encouraged to check your GMB listing frequently because anyone can make changes to your GMB page. This may seem like a bad idea on Google’s part, but it allows for others to validate your business. When you have a GMB location, you also have a Google My Business dashboard where you can go to check for recent updates or suggested changes. 

Google My Business also has GMB Posts. As a company posts on its GMB, it shows up to the customer similarly to how a typical social media post or advertisement would appear and show up under your GMB listing. These posts can be images, links, or call-to-actions (CTAs). These should be updated frequently. Hint: Using emojis is now recommended with your posts as many users may now simply search the pizza emoji when searching for pizza.

Why use Blue Logic IT Solution

There are many reasons a business owner may want to hire an SEO company such as Blue Logic to manage a GMB listing. Hiring an SEO company, ensures the  business web design is flawless. Taking this burden off the business owner and placing it on the SEO team. Aside from the web design, simply keeping track of the suggested edits, updates, posts, potential messages (if this feature is activated), reviews, and Q&A sections of your GMB listing can take time most business owners don’t have. It is important to note that Google has only recently begun to provide notifications to the owner when a question is asked. Many businesses are not set up to receive these messages. Unfortunately a question that goes unanswered may lead to a potential customer finding the service elsewhere. Having an SEO company working for you can provide this service, avoiding such situations.

Blue Logic IT Solutions can dramatically help your GMB listing stand out above your competitors!

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