What is Search Engine Optimization?

Most people understand search engines and how to use them, but very few people truly understand how search engines work. A user types in an inquiry and assumes the company listed at the top of the search results is the most trusted and highest level company in its field. This, however, is not necessarily the case. Search engines work by sending out what’s known as a “web crawler”. These web crawlers visit sites and extract information from the site. They check for new pages, updated content in old pages, and links. 

They then update their index to mirror the new findings. The more a bot finds a specified page or the more other pages point to a specified page, the more power that page gains. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a systematic method of making a webpage more relevant and visible to search engine crawler bots. A great SEO company, such as Blue Logic IT solution, knows exactly what needs to be done to boost your page up the list of search results. There are two main types of SEO- Organic and Pay-Per-Click.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is an art. Companies such as Blue Logic IT Solution, who specialize in Search Engine Optimization keep fully up to date with the most relevant and needed SEO changes and updates to keep your business at the forefront of the pack, continually climbing to the top of search engine result pages. When a company such as Google, for example, updates its requirements, its goal is to improve search bot capabilities. A great SEO company will keep abreast of such changes and respond accordingly. Organic SEO is not an overnight task, but its effects are much longer-lasting than pay per click SEO services, saving business owners in the long-run. Organic SEO can be the difference between a company showing up on the second page of results or the seventeenth page of search results. A company not utilizing Organic SEO strategies will be continually falling behind competitors. 

Pay Per Click SEO Services

Pay per click services are exactly what they sound like they would be. A company will decide which keywords they want to rank for and pay each time a user searches that exact word or phrase. This method is highly effective but can run up a rather large bill very quickly. If done correctly, this method of SEO is highly effective because it targets users looking for the exact keywords you provide. It literally aligns a business with immediate potential customers. The downside to this form of SEO has to do with settings and a lack of lasting effect. If settings are incorrect, someone in Wisconsin may be seeing and clicking on your site when the company is located in West Palm Beach, Fl. They would obviously not be part of the service area, but the settings did not specify that, so owners are stuck with the bill. This can cost a business thousands. 

Additionally, if a business only focuses on paid advertising and decides to stop, their traffic will stop. Pay per Click advertising does nothing for your site’s search engine ranking on its own. It is recommended that, if a business chooses pay-per-click SEO, they are also investing in organic SEO.   



Blue Logic IT Solution can provide customers with both Organic and/or Pay-Per-Click SEO strategies.


Why do I need SEO services in West Palm Beach, Florida?

West Palm Beach, Florida is part of South Florida’s Tri-County area. Many companies who work in West Palm Beach also work in Broward and Miami. This means not only is a company located in West Palm Beach competing with other companies in their local area, but they are also competing with companies from neighboring areas as well. According to the most recent US census data, West Palm Beach is home to more than 17,500 businesses. Add that to Broward’s 61,000 businesses and Miami-Dade’s approximately 84,800 businesses, and there is a huge amount of competition for every service company imaginable. 

As stated earlier SEO is the key to getting your company’s online visibility where it needs to be to make your phone ring, not your competitor’s.  By hiring a trusted firm, such as Blue Logic IT Solution, your business will gain visibility and trust. It is a fact that most people believe the top search engine result listed pages are the best businesses for that service. We know otherwise. It’s time to get your business where it deserves, increasing your ranking, and knocking out your competitors!  

Benefits of Blue Logic IT Solution SEO

Blue Logic IT Solution starts each relationship by performing a business analysis to see where a business currently ranks. There are always areas in which a business may be doing well and areas that may need some improvement. Our team meets with owners and provides a variety of options for how we can work with you to enhance your web presence and promote your services. Together we create a plan of attack, detailing the amount you are looking to spend and the aggressiveness of our actions. We can work with owners to provide any or all of the following services:

  • Web creation or enhancement
  • SEO- paid and/or organic
  • Google My Business strategies
  • Social media marketing and management 
  • Other Internet marketing strategies

Blue Logic IT Solution wants our partners to be the best in their business. Your success is our success and we take pride in the lasting partnerships we create and maintain. It is our goal to reduce your stress, making it possible for you to focus on your business.



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