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When you need help with your IT projects, whether it’s understanding managed services, new installations or existing technologies, you’re at the right place.

The first question we start with is, do you have a vision of what your future project looks like?  Maybe you just started your own company and are ready to create your network, but don’t know what to buy. Most business owners are not going to be IT experts, and that’s where the confusion originates — in not knowing what to do or how to set up a network.

IT Experts
For those who do know that they will hire, for example, two employees and need two computers, it’s easy to know some of the requirements. But beyond just the physical set up of a workstation, there’s the security of your network and of access to certain i.e. folders or files that you might want to restrict. That’s where we teach you what’s necessary and what’s not. We also help an owner understand what type of computer and other peripheral equipment they should buy.

Common Scenarios

I already own equipment, do I have to buy more?

Sometimes you will have to, but only to satisfy the needs of a network and how fast you want your equipment to perform. Tip: When adding new employees, additional equipment might be necessary to support their usage and yours.

Office Network Connection

Why can’t I use a computer I just bought i.e. a year ago?

If we see we can upgrade your computer we will, but some will not be able to handle hardware upgrades to keep up with a user’s new demands. Tip: Some older equipment doesn’t support newer speeds

Repairing a Computer

I’m moving into a new office rental, how do I set up my network?

Some businesses will need help with the physical and software set up, since it has to tie all into one network. The computer equipment has to work together in that suite. Tip: Not everyone will be able to do this alone

New Office Set Up

My new office doesn’t have the outlets I need, what do I do?

Cabling for new phone or ethernet outlets are essential to connectivity. Our techs have the tools to add more outlets when necessary. Tip: This sometimes requires cutting into the wall and running cable through the ceiling.

Cabling for New Office

My new building space needs upgrades, how do I know what I need?

Most buildings have a closet where communications equipment is stored. Managing the set up and cabling that is ran into all offices from closet is not meant to be understood by all. This is our specialty for a reason. Tip: The difference between a rough set up and a professional set up is that, one will be a temporary fix while the other is a long term solution that will allow more resources to be added to your network without having to buy more equipment, except for updates.

New Office Main Power Source

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Fill out the survey below and let us know what questions you still have, for our flat rate of $45 for 30 minutes. If you need an hour to cover more details, we offer a $60 for 1 hour rate, that includes our suggestions and additional brainstorming of your ideas.

You’ll get:

  • An assessment of what your project could look like with the right set up

  • A breakdown of the work that will take place during the project

  • Recommendations on what type of equipment is necessary and options

  • A review of any upgrades you might need, if you already have equipment

    Project Survey

    What type of business do you have?

    What project did you have in mind?

    What type of services are you looking for?

    Have you already started any work on this project?

    Have you previously worked with anyone else on this project?

    What kind of budget do you have allocated for this project?

    What is holding you back from achieving what you want?



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    Getting started doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase all your business IT equipment upfront. Growth, in terms of increasing the amount of resources you will need over time, in business is typically steady and continuous and can therefore allow you room to add or change your network set up as needed.

    We believe in providing solutions that fit that scheme of growth so that, you have the best technology at your hands at any stage in your business.