What is Access Control?

Access Control

Access control in West Palm Beach and elsewhere refers to integrated software solutions. These are limitations applicable to any individual attempting to enter a protected property.  One uses them to control access to physical infrastructure or IT system. These restrictions can take different forms. Most people use them for security reasons. Others want to manage the flow of people. In both cases, a restricted group may have a right of access to a given area/data. Schedules and zones of access are also subject to restriction. Commercial access control allows fast and efficient management. It also keeps electronic records of entries and exits into selected areas. Such records help identify who went where and when. It is then easier to cope with significant security questions. Security is important in today’s world, both in real life and online.

Is there fancy technology behind Access Control?

Secured access control has several fundamental elements. The main element is a computerized control center. It is often supplemented by a register of authorized persons. The latter connects to entry points such as doors, elevators, or parking lots. There is no limit to the number of controlled points.

The security link works as follows. All entrances have electronic readers. Their role is to verify the information entered by the users. When the information enters, the scanner sends this data to the control center. A computer verifies the given information and grants or denies the entry. Every step becomes a record so that one can consult the information at all times.

Who uses Access Control?

Access ControlGovernments, companies and individuals all use access control. Any sector can gain something from Access Control security systems. 

Institutions often own sensitive data. They wish to maintain the confidentiality of this data. Network security is then crucial. The computer control system would provide a specific identity for each user. Only administrators would have access to all data. Employees stick to their roles. This prevents information leakage.

Many private and public buildings are using secured access control. Each company has its own specificities, and thus a suitable security system. As a company manager, you have other things to do than being a policeman. Instead of hiring guards, many opt for computer security systems. This saves time and money. You can then concentrate on what matters most: business.

How can Access Control enhance business safety?

These systems’ role is to control the security of the network. They limit the users authorized to use the resources of a computer system. Staff monitoring is strong, so you can have peace of mind and be more productive.

Have you ever lost your keys or worried about key duplication? You won’t ever have to. Programmed entry devices make this impossible. What’s more, the system enables you to schedule employees’ entry time. Door access enables total control over when a cardholder can enter or exit the building. As well, the system keeps permanent records. Those can account for a possible event that happened inside the premises or online. The system is able to give instant alerts as events take place in real-time.

What makes a great system?

One security system can’t suit everyone. The requirements vary depending on the type of industry because operations differ. They also aim at different user groups. Access requirements may vary according to need. Risk levels are also different in a flower shop and a nuclear power plant.

Many devices become generic. Thus, they adapt to the specific needs of a particular industry or company. Sometimes it is necessary to operate several systems at the same time. This may better meet a specific need. It could also complement an existing security system.

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Where can we use Access Control?

access control systemThis may concern the public sector where access to certain data must be exclusive. The need for security is becoming very important with the rise of global terrorism.

The private sectors must also be safe. The security of businesses or personal homes is becoming more widespread. Many interior and exterior doors. Heavy traffic. Widespread internet access. We need to protect our businesses, now more than ever. Access control systems prevent unauthorized entry.

This is especially true in shared or multi-tenant buildings. Some rooms are accessible only to employees of the company in question. Devices such as elevator controls restrict cardholders to certain floors of the building. Many areas are impossible to reach to the public.

Who Installs Access Control in West Palm Beach?

If you know which risks concern you, we can find a commercial Access Control solution for you. This will meet the specific needs of your company. Not sure what you need? Are you hesitating? Don’t worry. Blue Logic can also help you assess risks. We can help choose what is best for you. Your safety is our priority. Save 20% by booking a 30-minute consultation for only $20. Our consultations will help clarify any questions you may have.

What levels of Access Control technology are in the market today?

Face recognition access control systems have become very popular. This newest technological system works on the basis of capturing one’s facial details. These details are then stored in the database of the computer for the long run. Each time the person returns, the software will remember her. It compares the latest models recently captured with older models. When it finds compatibility, it grants access or reports a denial.

Proximity cards are like swipe cards. The difference is simple. The user’s information is inside a microchip instead of a magnetic stripe. These cards are generally more secure.

Biometric scanners need the user to enter a certain type of biological information. This information can supplement or replace the access card. The most common types are retina scanners and fingerprint scanners. Some also have voice recognition.