What is VOIP?

Voice Over IP

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a different way of making a phone call. Everything happens online. Your voice converts into digital data. It then travels from one device to another. In other words, you can call someone without having an international number. All you need is an Internet connection. Calls are not limited and have no borders. This saves you a lot of money. Your internet bill does not depend on the time you spend online. But your phone bill disappears.

VOIP is a revolutionary invention. It reduces communication costs like never before. This concept is spreading at a great speed. Nowadays the market is very competitive. The possibilities of VOIP are infinite. It is a true blessing for companies.

Who uses VOIP in West Palm Beach?

Today, the answer is simple. Everybody uses VOIP! Lately, both mobile data and WiFi networks have improved. They have become a lot faster, and this has made mobile VOIP more popular. Traveling is more frequent than ever. It is now usual for company employees or family members to live in different countries. The reason why this is so common is that it is more cost-effective than basic telephone lines. The best example is the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are not interrupted thanks to ongoing virtual meetings. Families can share their daily lives at every moment. Even governments of different countries can exchange information through video conferencing. No traveling or shaking hands.

How did VOIP evolve into what it is today?

VOIP West Palm BeachNowadays, people can communicate without having a phone. VOIP’s initial goal was managing data networks. After its success, the protocol changed to managing voice. It transforms and transmits information in IP data packets. You can access VOIP on most electronic devices such as smartphones or laptops.

Skype has contributed in an incredible way to the popularity of VOIP. It was one of the first to make it possible to call anywhere in the world for free. You don’t need a phone, except to connect to the application. You can even make video calls. It’s been revolutionary. Skype is still used a lot today. It’s loved by businesses and individuals. Many other services have developed since then.

What are the key benefits of VOIP?

  • Landline phone not needed anymore

No need to throw your SIM card in the trash. You can still use it in parallel, but you’ll soon find it very useless. This is especially true for a business telephone. VOIP offers you many more services for less money. This advantage alone can convert you to using VOIP.

  • VOIP travels with you

Wherever you are, VOIP follows you. The Internet is now accessible everywhere in the world. Coffee shop, library, computer room. You can connect to WiFi everywhere, for free. The only thing you have to pay for, if anything, is your coffee or an entrance pass.

  • VOIP saves you a lot of money.

The only thing you have to pay for is your WiFi. And again, if you work outside your home/office you can enjoy free WiFi. There is no limit to your communications. Even if your calls last for hours, there is no extra cost. That’s the magic of the internet.

  • Enjoy multi-party conference calls

A conversation limited to two people goes down in history. Today thanks to VOIP you can call several contacts at once. This is an excellent solution for companies, especially those with employees abroad.

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What are the challenges with VOIP?

As mentioned, there are many advantages to VOIP. Nothing, however, is perfect. We can list a few disadvantages as well.

  • Depending on Internet Connection

Sometimes the Internet can stop working. Whether it’s a technical problem or a general power outage, you find yourself cut off from the world. Even if it doesn’t last long, it can be crucial for your business. No Voice Over IP device works without the Internet or electricity. In this situation, you lose all the savings you made.

  • 911 Access

When you call 911, if possible, emergency services will not be able to locate you. This is only possible with a landline phone. You must then give your exact address. This could cost you precious time.

  • Overload

If many people are using the internet around you, the quality of your network decreases. It is not always possible to love somewhere else. It is tiring to work in slow motion and the quality of your calls may be poor.

Where can one buy VOIP in West Palm Beach?

You can buy a VOIP phone number online. If you already have yours, switch to Voice Over IP devices and connect them all under this same number. The competition is high in this field. As everyone is switching to Voice Over IP devices, there are tons of different options. You can find what you need in online shops or go to the mall and choose it there. Most VOIP service providers are similar. You have a lot of possibilities but little diversity. The difference lies in the details and personal preferences.

Why hire an IT company to connect & manage VOIP?

When you have a business, it is normal to want to see it prosper. You make an effort to hire the best people. You want high-performance IT services. Blue Logic can help you achieve these goals. Your business will benefit a lot. It will be fast and smooth. Outsourcing your IT services can save you money. 

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Once you decide that you are going to go online, you need to have a strong website. The latter must be capable of keeping up with the needs of your business as well as the choices of your consumers. You need a professional website design and a business telephone. We have the right tools to help you out. Contact us.