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Email Marketing vs Social Media

Email Marketing vs Social Media has been a burning debate among marketers for many years. Though both streams look like opposite ends, they definitely fit perfectly into the same spectrum – reaching new audiences and generating new business.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, it is important to build a compatible marketing strategy. Looking at email promotions and social media marketing, they have great potential together and individually. However, if integrated well with digital marketing, social media and email marketing can both increase customer engagement rates organically. In order to make you familiar with the norms of email and social media marketing, we at Blue Logic IT Solutions share this comparison of email marketing vs social media. Want to provide A+ marketing to your audience? Connect online or call at 561 228 1871.


How Does Email Marketing Work For Businesses?How Does Email Marketing Work For Businesses?

Email marketing has gained popularity among digital marketing geeks in the last few years. Email marketing is considered to be an excellent tool for creating a sales funnel; this is done by emailing marketing materials directly to the clients, customers, and subscribers. Whether you own a small business or a larger company, the email subscribers remain constant and facilitate value-driven brand recognition. The following are the reasons why you should use email marketing over any other marketing channel. 

  • Email marketing has a higher click-through rate as it provides better traffic and promotes social media accounts.
  • Higher ROI is another benefit of taking email marketing. Email marketing generates 174% more conversions than social media platforms.  
  • It is easy to have a direct conversation via email. Being a business-centric platform, it will likely target the right customers with personalized messages.  
  • Emails remain one of the most powerful marketing tools to drive purchases. With an average conversion rate of 15.1%, email marketing is still effective for businesses.
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How Does Social Media Marketing Work For Businesses?How Does Social Media Marketing Work For Businesses?

Social media marketing is a way of promoting businesses, products, and content through social media platforms. It includes different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. The content posted on such social media platforms is generally tailored to a specific customer and is used for lead generation and brand building. Social media marketing impacts the audience in many ways, such as: 

  • Social media is known for better and higher engagement rates. With so many social media users, you can expect engagement on higher levels. Posting on websites, blogging, and sharing your posts and reels increase engagement. 
  • Your marketing campaigns are more likely to impact and convert by reaching up to 3.96 billion users. 
  • Social media marketing plays a vital role in boosting brand visibility and delivering your message to a broader audience beyond any geographical barrier.
  • One of the prime goals of businesses is to build a loyal customer base, and social media marketing can do this effectively. You can share customer reviews and testimonials on social media platforms to make them feel worthy.
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Email Marketing vs Social Media: Which Is Best For Your BusinessEmail Marketing vs Social Media: Which Is Best For Your Business

At Blue Logic IT Solutions, West Palm Beach, we focus on driving values for businesses. From social media to emails, our marketing experts provide bespoke services that promote a boost in your sales, customer loyalty, and, ultimately, brand image.

Though social media marketing and email marketing can individually impact your business, it is advisable to integrate the two and enhance the results through digital marketing. Both add up to be more engaging and eye-catching, which could delight, engage and convert the customers. While social media would engage the potential clients and provide an insight into your business, email marketing would focus on the loyal customer base and is known to strengthen the customer & brand relationship. This way, you can easily guarantee better opportunities for your company.

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Simply put, social media drives new customers, while email marketing is used to develop a loyal customer base. At Blue Logic IT Solutions, we prefer the best integration of both email marketing and social media marketing to multiply results and your growth. Call us today at 561 228 1871.

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