Network Security

network security west palm beach

Network Security

Smaller businesses sometimes face a tougher challenge in preventing security breeches, in comparison to larger businesses. This is because small businesses are often the primary target of hackers who can more easily penetrate the smaller networks. To help combat this, we provide the tools and practices such as, spam and firewall management, which serve as the first line of defense against hackers, viruses, and spam, to small businesses.

Managed IT Services West Palm Beach

  • Managed IT Services West Palm Beach provide assistance when you need it most. Emergency services are available when you encounter unforeseen problems and need your computer systems back in working order.
  • On-site proactive services are delivered when you are due for a tune up. This is a preferred method, because most problems are preventable.
  • Plans range from basic monitoring to fully managed support. Managed service plans are billed on a flat monthly fee or as needed device.
  • The service itself is typically done remotely, but at times on site work might be required.

IT Services